The following is a press release from the Family Council Action Committee.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family Council Action Committee President Jerry Cox issued a statement Tuesday after Arkansans for Compassionate Care, a group supporting a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Arkansas, announced the Secretary of State had certified their petition signatures and that their proposal will be placed on the November ballot.

“This proposal violates federal law,” Cox said. “Marijuana is illegal. This proposal admits that states do not have the ability to change that law, and says, ‘This act also acknowledges that marijuana use, possession, and distribution for any purpose remain illegal under Federal law.’ Federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents frequently bust medical marijuana operations in states where they exist, such as California. Putting Arkansas in the middle of all of this just doesn’t make sense. Why would we want to pass a law that blatantly violates federal law? Why would we invite that kind of turmoil to Arkansas?”

Cox also said he believed the measure is vaguely worded. “I believe a lot of people who signed this petition probably did not fully understand the scope of this measure. Among other things, it says that if a ‘patient’ lives more than five miles from a marijuana dispensary, they are free to grow their own marijuana. In other words, if you live in west Little Rock and the nearest dispensary is in downtown Little Rock, you can grow marijuana in your flower garden, and there isn’t a thing anyone can do about it.

“Most of the people who signed this petition probably did not know that. They probably envisioned doctors and pharmacists being heavily involved in the prescription process. The people dispensing marijuana under this measure are not held to the same standards as pharmacists dispensing medicine. Petition signers probably did not know that either, and they probably were not even aware that the measure is entirely illegal under federal law. If it’s enacted, I think a lot of Arkansans will find the law on the books is not the one they thought they were voting for.”

Cox pointed out that easing restrictions on illegal drugs isn’t in the best interest of families. “Substance abuse creates very real problems for families,” Cox said. “If a husband or wife is addicted to something, it’s going to put a strain on that marriage. It’s going to put a strain on their kids. If you think we have problems with marijuana now, just wait until it becomes legally available.”

Cox said, “This law leaves way too many questions unanswered. How are we going to be sure medical marijuana grown in Arkansas isn’t sold illegally to people without a prescription? I’ve read marijuana can be cultivated with varying levels of active ingredients in it much the same way nicotine levels can be manipulated in tobacco. How are they going to keep marijuana growers from using that to make their product more potent or addictive?”

Cox also questioned the use of medical marijuana to treat illness. “It’s the only medicine you smoke. The health community has spent almost fifty years trying to stop smoking. Now a group of people wants Arkansas doctors to start encouraging just that: Smoking for your health. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Cox said that if the medical community is serious about pursuing any health benefits of marijuana, it should lobby Congress and the DEA to alter its regulations. “The opium plant is restricted differently because even though it carries a high risk of abuse, it has some known medical uses. If doctors believe marijuana may have health benefits, they should lobby Congress to apply the same restrictions to marijuana as they do to opium. That would be the legal way to do this. Instead Arkansans are being asked to vote on a measure that is patently illegal under federal laws passed by Congress. That simply is not right.”

Cox indicated that Family Council Action Committee is reviewing all of its options for fighting this proposal, including a possible legal challenge.

Family Council Action Committee is a conservative 501(c)(4) organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas.



  1. Ginger

    The only people who want this are all the potheaded idiots who thinks its “legal” when in fact its not because federal is higher than state! Why don’t we pass a law that says anyone applying or on government assistant should take a drug test rather than make it freaked legal!!!!

  2. Blake Hattabaugh

    Ginger, you should really educate yourself before making ridiculous, uneducated comments. Medical Marijuana would be prescribed by a DR! I’m pretty sure a doctor would know what’s best for his/her patient. There are several studies that show the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Here’s a fun fact for you…did you know that the as of 2011 the federal government was providing medical marijuana to 4 patients? Don’t take my word for it, google it! This measure would not “benefit potheads”, marijuana is already accessible to everyone. Anybody can get marijuana illegally. If you don’t know where to get it directly, you know someone who does…just ask around. This measure would simply protect patients who use it with a DOCTORS PRESCRIPTION. I love how Mr. Cox worded that the measure would “legalize marijuana” which kinds of sounds misleading in that it is not for full out legalization…this will only be available to patients with a doctors recommendation. I encourage you all to do a little research. Medical Marijuana is far less harmful than many of the prescription pills that people are taking already…which by the way are being abused also. Medical Marijuana could replace many of those pills that people are currently abusing and even overdosing on. You can’t overdose on marijuana. Please people, do your own research before voting.

  3. j m

    I posted several comments on the news article.
    “I was (PAST TENSE) taking 3 codine pain pills a day for cronic back pain. Every month report to the Doc watch all the pill freeks get their fix and fell like I was a failure cuz I was one of them. I have a son that grows for medical prescribed patients. After reading on the help pot was giving them I decided to try it. It is by far way more better then the codine I am not addictied (Oh yea I was an addicted to the meds, you take them from 3 years and see what withdrawl symptons you have. It is horrible.) I have been off them for 6 months. I am not as moody, alert, and best of all free from that doctor and drug. Those that appose this are just like the the ole stupid people in the prohibition days. This is good those that say it leads to other drugs have their head in the wrong place. Support this. I am 60 and know fisrt had medical marijuana has a place. The big drug companies don’t want it to work they lost my pill money.”

    I really think you need to have an open mind do some serious research, go speak to those using this for relief and then come back and support something that works.

    If you don’t then you failed the people of Arkansas and your organizations needs new leaders.

  4. J M

    jerry you posted a fact sheet.

    Here is another one this is probably more accurate but who knows one is I am sure the govt claims the other an independent.

    I would do more research other than pulling up a pdf from a gov site. Why don’t you really see for yourself interview some using it and make an informed decision not shooting from the hip.

    All I know is this they can come throw me in jail but I will continue to use it, beats the drugs that is suppose to be safer what a lie that is.

  5. Blake Hattabaugh

    How is this for a government website Jerry Cox…educate yourself on a subject matter before you embarrass yourself. Also, in your interview on the case of the little 8 yr old girl battling brain cancer you said that case you were ok with medical marijuana use…I bet you would also be ok with many many other cases if you saw them first hand…don’t be a hypocrite sir…that’s exactly what you made yourself out to be and I’m glad the public got to see that! Also you were intentionally misleading when you said that “What we have a problem with is this wide open measure that would allow anybody that lives five miles from a dispensary to grow their own.” That sir, is an outright lie and you are intentionally misleading the public with that statement…shame on you! This would not allow “anyone” to grow their own…only those with a doctor’s reccomendation AND proper certification with regulations. That sir, was pathetic, dishonest, and I’m sure that God would be displeased with that lie. Anyway, here is a .gov website for you…educate yourself and get on the right side of this issue!

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