Jordan Lorence from Alliance Defending Freedom has published another column outlining specifically examples of Christmas-related censorship and the “War on Christmas” so many say is pure fabrication.

According to Lorence, “This year’s examples [of censorship] include:

1. The Governor of Rhode Island renaming the Christmas tree erected in the State Capitol as a “holiday tree.”
2. The City of Santa Monica, California stopping a six decade tradition of allowing private citizens to erect Nativity scenes in a local park after atheists complained and worked to erect their anti-Christmas displays.
3. And officials at a community college in western North Carolina rewriting an advertisement, so that a student group was selling “holiday trees,” not Christmas trees, as a fundraiser.

“I have personally been involved in situations in which public school officials changed the lyrics of Christmas carols or forbade students from displaying art they had made in class depicting the manger scene. So when I hear someone deny that Christmas censorship exists, I feel like the late Neil Armstrong reading claims that the moon landing was faked.”

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