As the French government has taken new, radical steps to eliminate gender from many of its laws–including laws pertaining to homosexuality and marriage–French officials are asking Twitter to help censor messages from its people that run counter to the government’s genderless message.

Alan Sears with Alliance Defending Freedom writes

When a society’s laws recognizing marriage as the union of one man and one woman are changed to honor the unions of same-sex couples, it’s not just the law that changes—it’s also the society itself that changes. A top-down metamorphosis begins in which every aspect of public law changes to match the new definition of marriage.

Today, this is playing out in France with great clarity.

There, Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem is pressing Twitter to help control the speech of the people by censoring messages that run counter to the position of the French government.

In particular, Belkacem wants Twitter to censor messages that run counter to the government’s decision to grant special rights and an elevated status to people who engage in homosexual behavior and persons who are of one gender but claim to be of another.

We’ve seen similar scenarios play out in other countries–such as Canada, where preachers must watch what they say about homosexuality, or risk committing the crime of “hate speech.”

Alan sums it up best when he says,

If marriage in America is legally redefined, albeit never morally redefined, our freedoms will be adjusted (lessened) to match. As we bristle over what is happening in France, have we ever stopped to ask whether the same is not already on our own doorstep—and, in many cases, already over the threshold?

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