Because pro-life Arkansans made their voices heard, the Arkansas House of Representatives—by a vote of 55 to 32—overrode Gov. Beebe’s veto of SB134, The Human Heartbeat Protection Act! History was made today and you were an integral part of it.

Arkansas now has the most protective pro-life law in the nation. As I sit here typing this, I’m in awe of the God who set hearts and minds in motion to take such a courageous stand for the most innocent and vulnerable amongst us.

As this law will assuredly be challenged in court, please pray that every judge hearing this case would recognize the truth—that the unborn are, in fact, human beings deserving of that most precious of God-given rights, the right to life.

Thank you again for every prayer you prayed, every email you sent, every phone call you made, and every Facebook post you shared. You made yourself available for God’s work, and He used you in a mighty way.

Soon, we will post the names and contact information of every member of the Arkansas Legislature who cast their vote for life so you can thank them.

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  1. I’m so thankful for this decision!!! God has answered prayers of His people. We have to stand up for the innocent who cannot speak for themselves. May we continue to fight for the unborn, this fight is not over yet!!

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