Below is the final tally of members of the Arkansas Legislature who voted in favor of overriding Governor Beebe’s veto of SB134, The Human Heartbeat Protection Act. If you click a name, you will be taken to contact information for that particular legislator. Help us thank them for taking a strong stand for life!

Arkansas Senate
Sen. Cecile Bledsoe
Sen. Ronald Caldwell
Sen. Alan Clark
Sen. Jonathan Dismang
Sen. Jane English
Sen. Jake Files
Sen. Jim Hendren
Sen. Bart Hester
Sen. Jimmy Hickey
Sen. Bruce Holland
Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson
Sen. Missy Irvin
Sen. Johnny Key
Sen. Bryan King
Sen. Michael Lamoureaux
Sen. Jason Rapert
Sen. David Sanders
Sen. Gary Stubblefield
Sen. Eddie Joe Williams
Sen. Jon Woods

Arkansas House of Representatives
Speaker of the House Davy Carter
Rep. Randy Alexander
Rep. Denny Altes
Rep. Duncan Baird
Rep. Bob Ballinger
Rep. Scott Baltz
Rep. Jonathan Barnett
Rep. Nate Bell
Rep. Mark Biviano
Rep. Ken Bragg
Rep. David Branscum
Rep. John Burris
Rep. Les Carnine
Rep. John Catlett
Rep. Ann Clemmer
Rep. Charlie Collins
Rep. Bruce Cozart
Rep. Robert Dale
Rep. Andy Davis
Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh
Rep. Jody Dickinson
Rep. Jim Dotson
Rep. Dan Douglas
Rep. Charlotte Douglas
Rep. Jon Eubanks
Rep. Joe Farrer
Rep. Charlene Fite
Rep. Jeremy Gillam
Rep. Bill Gossage
Rep. Kim Hammer
Rep. Justin Harris
Rep. Prissy Hickerson
Rep. Debra Hobbs
Rep. Mike Holcomb
Rep. Karen Hopper
Rep. Douglas House
Rep. John Hutchison
Rep. Lane Jean
Rep. Allen Kerr
Rep. Andrea Lea
Rep. Kelly Linck
Rep. Mark Lowery
Rep. Stephanie Malone
Rep. Andy Mayberry
Rep. David Meeks
Rep. Stephen Meeks
Rep. Josh Miller
Rep. Micah Neal
Rep. John Payton
Rep. Terry Rice
Rep. Sue Scott
Rep. Matthew Shepherd
Rep. Mary Slinkard
Rep. Jeff Wardlaw
Rep. Bruce Westerman
Rep. Hank Wilkins
Rep. Richard Womack


  1. Thank you so very much for standing for Life and the rights of children who can not speak for themselves. And thank you for representing me and others who have a Biblical World View.

  2. Thank you so much for taking a stand for life. Im proud to live in the state with the most restricted rules on abortion. I’m glad to call you my representatives. Words can’t express my thankfulness for this. To each one of you, thank you.

  3. Glen

    Although I am not a FT resident of AR (yet!), I do own property in your fine state and want to congratulate each of you for standing for LIFE! It is great to see legislators that have guts and conviction and makes me proud to know that I will be residing in a state with men and women of your caliber! Thank You!

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