According to new rules promulgated by the federal Food and Drug Administration, girls as young as 15 can now buy “emergency contraception” over the counter without parental consent or notification and without having to talk to a pharmacist.

As Family Research Council noted, this “flies in the face of medical information and sound judgment.”

Global experts have stated that emergency contraception does more than simply prevent fertilization; it can also prevent a newly-conceived embryo from implanting in the womb–causing an abortion.

The availability of emergency contraception over the counter without a prescription raises serious questions. What if the girl is the victim of rape or incest? What if she is being coerced into purchasing the drug by a boyfriend or attacker? Without involvement from parents or doctors, who is going to be the girl’s advocate?

Abortion proponents aren’t content with the FDA’s new rules. Many would like to see emergency contraception available to girls of all ages. We will keep you posted as more news develops.