A bill filed in the U.S. House of Representatives responds to recent abortion scandals in an unexpected way: By regulating crisis pregnancy centers and other pro-life groups.

HR 2030 requires the Federal Trade Commission to promulgate rules regulating the speech of nonprofit, pro-life pregnancy resource centers.

The bill redefines “nonprofit” as a for-profit business by stating, “The Federal Trade Commission shall enforce this Act with respect to an organization that is not organized to carry on business for its own profit or that of its members as if such organization were a person over which the Commission has authority.” (emphasis added)

Alliance Defending Freedom has written a letter to Congress expressing concern over the bill’s ramifications for pro-life groups; similar legislation passed at the local level has attempted to force pregnancy resource centers to provide information dissuading women from utilizing their services, but has almost always been stricken in court as unconstitutional.

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