The following blog post is from Family Council staff member Sarah Bean.

As the project coordinator of the office it’s not hard to guess that I work on projects.  Right now I am working on a home school graduation.

I love graduation time.  It’s such a happy event with so much promise for the future.  Parents are full of pride as they watch their grown babies walk across the stage, and they just want “one more picture”—which is usually met with rolling eyes—to capture this fleeting moment.  Graduation is a bitter-sweet event because you know your life is about to change forever, which is exciting to embark on the unknown, but there’s still a part of you that wants to remain a kid.  You know that at 18+ you are about to start a journey with some kind of road map that will most likely change.  These grads may not know it, but they are about to be tested in just about every way possible. Even if you do know it, you still can’t imagine just how it will play out.

I love getting to be part of this one milestone—a day to commemorate—in a person’s life before they start to find out who they really are.  I hope that the parents and graduates are able to enjoy their graduation and all the accomplishments they have had. May there be many more.

To the 2013 graduates, congratulations and best of luck with your futures!