On May 18—less than a month from now—voters will elect nominees from each political party to square off this November. Are you ready to cast your vote?

This election year is critical for our nation. Our country is teetering on edge of some very bad decisions. Our President and many members of our Congress want to see states’ abortion regulations overturned, special treatment extended to homosexuals, and large portions of our economy nationalized and socialized. It’s absolutely essential that voters elect statesmen who will stand up for family values and lead America in a good direction.

Voters can’t afford to simply vote in this election. They need to vote wisely. They need to vote for the candidates who share their values. That’s why we created the Arkansas Voter’s Guide at http://www.ArkansasVotersGuide.com/.

This year’s guide had one of the best response rates of any voter’s guide we’ve done for a primary election. More than 70% of the candidates running for office in May returned surveys to us.

In addition to being able to see who will be on your ballot this May and how each candidate responded to the survey we sent them, you’ll also be able to watch video interviews we conducted with candidates running for federal offices. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to watch the candidates as they discuss the issues that matter to you.

Go to http://www.ArkansasVotersGuide.com/ today to make sure you’re ready for the May 18th Primary Election.

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