The following is a press release from Family Council.

Today, Family Council criticized the lottery commission’s plan to install up to 100 lottery ticket vending machines in stores across the state.

“This is just another example of Arkansas’ lottery commission trying to institute as much gambling as possible as quickly as possible,” said Family Council President Jerry Cox. “In the last year since the lottery began, Arkansans have been inundated with more gambling than many states saw in the first 5 years of their lotteries.”

Cox went on to say, “Lottery vending machines are difficult to police, and will further entice minors to find ways to play the lottery. We outlawed cigarette vending machines because of how easy they made it for kids to buy cigarettes. Lottery vending machines should be outlawed for the very same reason.

“It’s time the Legislature and the people of Arkansas both stood up and put a stop to the lottery commission’s rampant additions before we find ourselves completely awash in a sea of gambling.”

Cox said he plans to ask lawmakers to introduce legislation next year banning all lottery vending machines in Arkansas.