The Lottery Legislative Oversight Committee met yesterday at 1:30 p.m. Though it wasn’t a very eventful meeting, the committee did recommend some changes to current language in the lottery law.

The most notable recommendations are:
– Students with a G.E.D. would be eligible for scholarship money.
– Scholarship money set aside for non-traditional students would be at least $8 million. The original language says “up to” $8 million.
– Current freshmen and sophomores, or “current achievers,” would be eligible for scholarship money.
– The lottery director would have to report the net proceeds of the Arkansas Lottery to the Lottery Legislative Oversight Committee.

Of course, these recommendations have to be approved by the Legislature, but given that these are non-controversial items, they will mostly likely be voted into law. The oversight committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday at 1:30, so if more changes to the lottery law are recommended, we will certainly let you know.