Family Council Director Jerry Cox announced this week that the organization will be engaging in the Arkansas Lottery Commission’s public comment period on lottery ticket vending machines.

“The Lottery Commission is seeking public comments on its move to roll out 100 lottery vending machines around Arkansas,” Cox said, “but they haven’t explained how citizens go about submitting their comments, or outlined what they will do with the comments they receive.

While other government agencies often provide open forums of some kind where people can make their voices heard, this commission has chosen not to do that. That’s why we’re letting anyone in Arkansas who wants to comment on the machines do so through our website.

Every comment we receive will be printed and hand-delivered to the Arkansas Lottery Commission and members of the Arkansas Legislature by August 13, when the comment period ends.”

Cox went on to say, “I think it’s important that someone ensure every comment reaches the commission and our lawmakers. The Lottery Commission says they’re open to public comment, but they’ve already purchased the vending machines, and they’re not making it particularly easy for people to make their comments known. That tells me they really aren’t too concerned with what the people of Arkansas have to say. That’s why I want to make sure no comments get left out and they don’t end up tossed in the Lottery Commission’s trash after the comment period ends.”

Cox said Arkansans can submit their comments via Family Council’s website,