The following blog post is from Family Council staff member Sarah Bean.

Back when I was a kid I didn’t really know anything about homosexuality; I guess I was either pretty sheltered or the homosexual movement wasn’t “out” as a whole.  But things have changed significantly in my lifetime.

Most of us are aware of this subject.  It is all over the media and politics.  I can’t turn on the TV without seeing commercials or shows that openly support a homosexual lifestyle.

The verdict is still out on homosexuality: Both sides say they are winning, but my question is: We keep adding “letters” to this issue. When does it stop?

It used to be LG for “lesbian” and “gay.” Then they added B for “bisexual” (LGB); then T for “transgender” (LGBT); now there is Q for “queer” (LGBTQ), and the most recent in this mish-mashed alphabet soup is O for “object.”

I’m guessing A for “animals” is next, and not long after that will be K for “kids” (if you think I’m joking, click here)

The purpose of this blog isn’t to focus on pedophilia, but just something to think about:

I wish we could see this movement isn’t just about love and equality.  That’s what the TV shows and commercials would have you think.  But what happens if we take moms and dads out of childrearing?  What happens if we get rid of gender altogether—which is where all of this boundary-pushing wants to go? Why are boundaries bad in the first place, and where do we get them?

Well, I’ve got some letters myself: B-I-B-L-E.  So, I guess I’m out as a Bible-believing Christian who believes homosexuality is wrong and has consequences.  The Bible is where I get my boundaries. I don’t mean this in an “I’m better than you and never sin” way, because I do sin.  I AM NOT PERFECT—that is why I need Christ in my life and His words to bring me back to Truth when I start to waiver.

We are all sinners and we all need a savior—homosexuals included, not any more or less than the rest of us. Adding letters to an acronym won’t fix that. Instead, we should try focusing on a different set of letters completely.