Your Church Can Sign Up for Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2013

Pulpit Freedom Sunday is a movement of pastors boldly preaching biblical truth on the cultural, social, and political issues of the day.

Pulpit Freedom Sunday started in 2008 as a challenge to the Johnson Amendment. Since 1954, the Johnson amendment has unconstitutionally empowered the government to decide what a pastor can and cannot say from the pulpit; and it has bee intimidating pastors into silence on issues they might otherwise have addressed from Scripture. That is changing. Last year over 1,600 pastors nationwide participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday—and this year that number will surely grow–as this year Pulpit Freedom Sunday is all about marriage.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith, sponsored the sixtieth annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday on June 9, 2013. However churches can still register and participate on an alternate Sunday all the way through July, or they can make plans to participate next year. Here is more information on the entire Pulpit Initiative sponsored by ADF:

Arkansas Churches

Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2012 

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, the following Arkansas churches participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday in 2012.

101 Presbyterian Church                                                          Gamaliel AR

FaithBibleChurch                                                                          GravetteAR

FellowshipBibleChurch                                                               Star CityAR

First Assembly of GodChurchMarion                                   Marion AR

GentryChurch of God (Holiness)                                           Gentry AR

GraceCovenantChurch                                                              Texarkana AR

Little Rock NetChurch                                                              Maumelle AR

MaranathaBaptistChurch                                                        Nashville AR

Mt Pleasant BaptistChurch                                                     Supply AR

NorthwestArkansasChristianCenter of  Gravette        Gravette AR

OzarkChurch of The Nazarene                                             Ozark AR

SearcyChurch of Christ                                                          Searcy AR

SeekersTemple                                                                          El Paso AR

St AndrewsChurch                                                                  Little Rock AR

St MarkCommunityChurch                                                 Jacksonville AR

UnionValleyBaptistChurch                                                 Beebe AR

Word of Life Fellowship                                                        Bentonville AR

Little RockNetChurch                                                           Maumelle AR

RankinChapelBaptistChurch                                              Dumas AR

RogersFirstChurch of the Nazarene                               Rogers AR