It’s a new era for political campaigns. Any more, candidates wishing to get in touch with their voters are turning to Facebook, Twitter, and other web services in addition to email, phone calls, and face-to-face conversation.

One thing we’ve always tried to do at Family Council is embrace new technology when it comes along. That’s why we now have a Facebook page for the Arkansas Voter’s Guide—

The Voter’s Guide is one of our favorite services. We’ve provided it for 20 years, and we’ve always worked to deliver the very best we possibly can. This year, in addition to having access to one of the best online voter’s guides in the nation——you’ll also be able to stay on top of the latest election news in Arkansas by becoming a fan of our Facebook page. All you need is a free Facebook account—something I know many of you already have.

We’ve linked our Voter’s Guide Faebook page to Facebook pages for candidates running for office in the upcoming primary. If you want access to all of these pages with just the push of a button, become our fan on Facebook at today.


  1. Pardon my critique but the Facebook page is full of updates regarding the number of fans and has little to no actual useful information. I signed up for the guide and found every race listed with “no information”

    I’m all for informing the public and spreading the word but I’m thinking your strategy needs some work.

  2. Jerry


    If you will notice, the voter’s guide site does not go public until Thursday, April 15th. I suggest you check back then for the information you are looking for. I believe you will be pleased with what you find.

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