Family Research Council has published a fact sheet titled “The ENDA Litigation Nightmare.”

The fact sheet outlines examples of litigation we could see in our nation’s courts if Congress passes the so-called “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” — a bill that would inject sexual preferences and expression into the workplace.

FRC also released a statement today about religious exemptions written into the bill, calling the exemptions insufficient.

“The amendment added to ENDA today does virtually nothing to expand the already extremely narrow ‘religious exemption,’ and will do nothing to protect non-profits and businesses that operate from a faith perspective. Senators may be looking for political cover from this amendment, but ENDA removes the ability of non-profits, para-church ministries, and individual business owners to make their own decisions about appropriate conduct in the workplace.”

You can read “The ENDA Litigation Nightmare” here.

You can read FRC’s comprehenzive fact sheet on ENDA here.

You can read Heritage Foundation’s analysis of ENDA (“ENDA Threatens Fundamental Civil Liberties”) here.