The following is a press release from Family Council and Susan B. Anthony List.

November 18, 2013

Contact: Mallory Quigley, SBA List: 202-223-8073
Jerry Cox, Family Council: 501-375-7000

Washington, D.C – Pro-life leaders from the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) and Arkansas Family Council are calling on Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) to co-sponsor the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S. 1670) introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The bill already has 39 cosponsors, including Senator John Boozman (R-AR), and would protect babies beginning at 20 weeks, or more than halfway through pregnancy. The pro-life groups will be mobilizing their members this week to call and email Senator Pryor asking him to co-sponsor the bill. In 2003, Senator Pryor voted for the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.

“Arkansans deserve to know where Senator Pryor stands when it comes to protecting unborn children and their mothers from the painful death of abortion more than halfway through pregnancy,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “We urge him to respect life and to respect the pro-life people of Arkansas by supporting this compassionate legislation. The majority of Americans are opposed to brutal, late abortion – and women support this bill in even higher numbers than men. Senator Pryor should do the right thing and protect the weak and vulnerable from pain. It’s one of the most human things we can do.”

“Arkansans have already made their position very clear on this issue,” said Jerry Cox, President of Arkansas Family Council. “The Arkansas Legislature passed a bill protecting unborn children capable of feeling pain earlier this year. We had top medical experts travel to Arkansas to explain the science behind fetal-pain. But this issue is too important to be left for individual states to decide. Unborn children and their mothers shouldn’t be victims of painful, late abortions simply because they don’t live in a state like Arkansas. Most Americans support this type of legislation. I hope Senator Pryor will too. I’ve known Senator Pryor a long time. He has often said he is pro-life, and this is an opportunity for him to demonstrate that to his constituents back home.”

There is great consensus nationwide on this issue, especially in the aftermath of Kermit Gosnell and the exposure of other abortion clinic horrors. Recent national polling by Quinnipiac, National Journal, Huffington Post, NBC/Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post/ABC News all found that a plurality or majority of Americans support limiting abortion after 20 weeks gestation and that women support the measure in higher proportions than men.

The Susan B. Anthony List, is dedicated to pursuing policies and electing candidates who will reduce and ultimately end abortion. To that end, the SBA List emphasizes the education, promotion, mobilization, and election of pro-life women.  The SBA List is a network of more than 365,000 pro-life Americans nationwide.