Arkansas Adding Additional Lotteries

Lottery tickets have been on sale in Arkansas for less than two months, and already we’ve seen a sharp spike in the variety of tickets being sold.

Most people who watch the news or read the paper have probably seen stories about Powerball. What aren’t getting as much attention are the new scratch-off tickets being sold or the Lottery Commission’s plans to keep expanding the ways in which Arkansans can be separated from their money.


Deep-Fried Health Care

Over the weekend, I bought a turkey fryer at Target for $49.95. You’re missing out if you’ve never had deep-fried turkey. Of course, there are all those exploding turkey fryer videos online. A few years back, my brother-in-law, who is a firefighter in Magnolia, told me about answering a call to put out a fire in a dorm room at the college. It seems that a student was attempting to cook in his room using one of those deep fryer cookers. Not a smart move. Of course, neither is the health-care plan being “cooked-up” by Congress.