Planned Parenthood CEO Contradicts Own Expert

The federal government is reversing positions on availability of so-called “emergency contraception” to children. Between new FDA rules and judicial decisions, young girls will be able to buy Plan-B without talking to a pharmacist, getting permission from a parent, or even consulting a doctor; all they have to do is grab a box off the shelf and take it to the drugstore’s cash register.

Planned Parenthood, unsurprisingly, is praising these new developments. There’s a problem, however. There’s seems to be conflict at Planned Parenthood over what emergency contraception actually does.


Turning Planned Parenthood Away from the Medicaid Trough

Last week, Planned Parenthood made the news in Arkansas when they got in line to receive public funds under the new Medicaid private option plan recently approved by the legislature.

Insurance commissioner Jay Bradford has pushed for Planned Parenthood to be one of 28 organizations contracting with the State to hire additional employees to serve as “guides” that help people sign up for Medicaid. Bradford, a long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood, met with representatives of the group on Friday after members of the legislature blocked Planned Parenthood’s approval.