Video: Can Anyone Be a Woman?

Recently our friends at the “What Would You Say?” YouTube channel asked attendees at the 2020 Women’s March to define what a woman is and to answer whether or not anybody can be a woman.

Apparently the question is much harder than one might think.

This week they released a second video asking attendees at the National March for Life in Washington, D.C., the very same question.

Check out the video below to see how pro-lifers answered the question.

Transgender Employees, ACLU Sue Florida Over Health Plan

According to NBC News, two transgender individuals and the ACLU are suing the State of Florida over a policy that prevents state-sponsored health care plans from paying for “gender reassignment or modification services or supplies.”

Millions of Americans believe it is immoral and unhealthy for a person to disagree with his or her biological sex. Policies like Florida’s help protect taxpayers from subsidizing transgender procedures through state-sponsored healthcare plans.

However, the ACLU and two transgender individuals are suing the State of Florida over this policy.

That lawsuit could end up forcing Floridians to help pay for gender reassignment surgeries, hormone therapies, and other transgender procedures for public employees.

Even though the case won’t affect Arkansas in the short run, Arkansans still ought to pay attention to lawsuits like this one, because they could impact our courts down the road.