Baby Saved From Abortion in Little Rock

Recently our friends at 40 Days for Life shared the exciting news that a baby was saved from abortion at the surgical abortion facility in west Little Rock.

Volunteers for 40 Days for Life in Little Rock shared the announcement on the group’s Facebook page.

In October, 40 Days for Life was able to save twin babies from being aborted at the same facility in Little Rock.

This is really great news!

40 Days for Life holds prayer vigils outside abortion facilities all over America twice a year — once in the spring and once in the fall.

Unfortunately, pro-life volunteers in Little Rock have faced some backlash from abortion’s supporters.

40 Days for Life writes,

The abortion facility in Little Rock, Arkansas sold rocks to abortion supporters, who painted anti-40 Days for Life messages on them. The rocks were then placed around the abortion facility property.

One not-so-charming message read, “May the fetus you save become a gay abortion provider.”

Every year, we hear stories of lives saved and abortion facilities shut down in the wake of a 40 Days for Life vigil.

By some estimates, as many as 75% of women choose not to go through with their abortion appointment if pro-life volunteers are gathered outside the abortion facility.

You can find out more about 40 Days for Life at

Video: Woman Walked Out of Little Rock Abortion Facility Because Pro-Life Volunteers Were Praying

Last week our friends at 40 Days for Life released a video featuring Heather, a woman who walked out of an abortion facility in Little Rock because pro-life volunteers were standing outside the clinic, praying for her.

40 Days for Life writes that Heather “was moments away from an abortion in Little Rock, Arkansas–until prayers from the 40 Days for Life vigil led her to get off the table and choose life! . . . Heather never told the vigil participants she chose life…until those same volunteers she saw praying for her spoke at her church!

You can hear Heather’s testimony by watching the video below. You’ll also hear from 40 Days for Life volunteers in Georgia.

Prayer vigils are happening outside the surgical abortion facility in Little Rock right now as part of 40 Days for Life.

You can learn more at

40 Days for Life Prayer Vigils Start Next Week

The semiannual 40 Days for Life prayer campaign will start next week on September 25.

40 Days for Life is an opportunity for pro-life Americans to gather outside abortion facilities to pray that abortion will end.

These are not protests or rallies. Rather, they are peaceful vigils held by people who want to pray that abortion facilities will close and abortion doctors and nurses will leave the abortion industry — and they work.

Every spring and fall we hear stories about clinics closed, babies saved, and abortionists converted to Christ in the wake of a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign.

40 Days for Life prayer vigils will be held in two locations this fall.

The first is Little Rock, outside the surgical abortion facility on Office Park Drive.

Volunteers will take turns praying on different days and at different times from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM September 25 – November 3.

There will be a delayed kick-off event on Monday, September 30, at 6:00 PM outside the abortion clinic. The guest speaker for that event will be Sue Thayer, former director of a Planned Parenthood in Iowa.

No RSVP is needed for this free outdoor event.

Go to or email for more information.

The other 40 Days for Life event will take place in Hot Springs.

Hot Springs does not have an abortion facility, and organizers are looking for a location where pro-lifers can gather for prayer. However, they are encouraging everyone to commit to join in prayer and fasting against abortion.

For more information on 40 Days for Life in Hot Springs, email or go to