This is the pro-life mobile unit that offers free services to women with unplanned pregnancies.

Recently we wrote how 40 Days for Life in Little Rock has helped save the lives of unborn children this year.

On Monday our friends at 40 Days for Life told the story about one of the children that was saved.

40 Days for Life writes,

Little Rock, Arkansas

Two local pregnancy centers joined forces to place a mobile ultrasound in front of Little Rock’s Planned Parenthood facility.

That came in handy when 40 Days for Life volunteers persuaded a young, abortion-bound mom to have a free ultrasound.

“Sure,” she said. “I’m usually running late, but today, I’m early.”

When a vigil participant asked the mom whether she was excited, the frightened mother began to cry because she was terrified to break the news of her pregnancy to her mother.

“The ultrasound showed an amazing eight-week baby,” said campaign co-leader Toni. “She didn’t even bother keeping her appointment at Planned Parenthood.” The expectant mother went home thankful for the support and encouragement and said she felt that the presence of vigil participants was a sign to keep her baby.

40 Days for Life is one of the most powerful pro-life movements in the country.

It isn’t a rally or protest. It’s a peaceful assembly for prayer and reflection — and it really works.

Every year we hear testimonies of lives saved in the wake of a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign.

Praying outside an abortion clinic may not sound like much, but for an unborn child it can literally mean the difference between life and death.