On Tuesday our friends at Save The Storks shared a remarkable story on Instagram about a mom and unborn baby recently saved from abortion outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Little Rock.

Save The Storks and Arkansas Pregnancy Center in Little Rock work together to give women in Arkansas real options besides abortion.

Save The Storks writes,

After a long year of pandemic restrictions, the staff at Arkansas Pregnancy Center (APC) finally had the chance to take their Stork Bus into the community. Staff members and new volunteers worked hard to secure a parking spot near their community’s local Planned Parenthood.

However, the day before the launch, the sonogram machine stopped working.
They immediately attempted to get the machine fixed, but there were no technicians available.

Tracy, the executive director at APC, texted the news about the sonogram machine to the clinical director Janet*, worried they might have to delay their trip.

Janet responded: “God’s got this.”

After deliberation and prayer, the staff decided to move forward with their mobile outing for the day with no working sonogram.

Then the mobile unit’s sonographer showed up, and just so happened to have a sonogram machine in her car.

The pregnancy center was able to get back on the road, and a few hours later Janelle* boarded the Stork Bus.

She was en route to Planned Parenthood to take the abortion pill. But on her way she prayed that God would show her a sign on whether or not she should go through with the abortion. Then she saw the brightly colored mobile unit.

“I knew that was my sign,” Janelle said.

She wept as she saw her baby on the screen with a fully formed body. That day, Janelle chose life for her baby, despite being scared.

Janet was right – God’s got this.