You Have to See This Video

A viral video with more than 2.2 million views has been making the rounds on the Internet. It tells the testimony of Emily Thomes — a young woman who left her lesbian lifestyle after coming to Christ.

You can watch this powerful video below.

Love Is Love

"It's not gay to straight. It's lost to saved."

Posted by Anchored North on Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Thomes boldly outlines her conversion experience. She also very succinctly captures the gospel and what it means to repent from sin and accept Christ.

Needless to say, her testimony has met with criticism. The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, The Independent, and others all have penned columns decrying the video. But as Eric Metaxas at Breakpoint recently pointed out, columns like these are based on a lie,

The central lie of the LGBT movement and the sexual revolution is that our sin and our desire for it are our identity — even something in which to take pride. But the good news of Christianity is that in Jesus, we can have a new identity. We need no longer [have to] be enslaved to our fallen passions. We were made for something better.

Target Stores Continue to Suffer Amid Boycott

You may recall in April of last year Target announced on its website that customers and employees at its stores would be able to use the changing areas and restrooms of their choice rather than their biological sex.

Many people expressed public safety concerns about Target’s decision to let men enter women’s restrooms and changing areas.

As a result, more than a million people signed agreements to boycott Target.

Target has suffered financially since, with its stock prices falling nearly 23% — from $82.76 per share to $64 per share — since April of last year.

Some argue that stores like Target are simply having a tough time in this economy. However, Target’s competitor Walmart has seen its stock value rise from $69 per share to nearly $98 since April of 2016.

Last month Target announced it will close 12 of its larger stores next year. According to CNBC, the stores are located in Minnesota, Kansas, Michigan, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Illinois, and Texas.

Even Target’s management has acknowledged that letting men enter the women’s restrooms and changing areas at its stores has been bad for business. Last spring Target’s CEO admitted, “Target didn’t adequately assess the risk [about publicizing the policy], and the ensuing backlash was self-inflicted.” However, he stopped short of saying the policy itself was bad.

Target has not changed its policy as of today, and over 1.5 million Americans are still boycotting the retail chain as a result, but at least the company admits the boycott is affecting its bottom line.

You can sign the pledge to boycott Target here.

Nation’s Leading LGBT Organization Hosting Summit at UCA in Conway

The Human Rights Campaign — the leading homosexual and transgender organization in America — recently announced it will host a summit meeting at the University of Central Arkansas campus in Conway this November. According to the HRC website, the meeting is geared for middle school and high school students ages 13 – 18.

This is not the first time HRC has been active in Arkansas. In 2014 the group launched a multi-million-dollar, three-year campaign to make Arkansas more open to its political agenda. That same year HRC spent approximately $160,000 supporting Fayetteville’s “nondiscrimination” ordinance.

Below is the announcement HRC released about its upcoming event at UCA.