Street Preacher Mobbed and then Arrested at a “Pride” Event in Hot Springs, Arkansas

The following is a press release from the National Association of Christian Lawmakers.

Hot Springs, Arkansas, June 30, 2023 – Jacob Schriever’s remarkable journey of struggle,
redemption, and unwavering faith is captivating. His quest for guidance and salvation led him to
find solace and purpose through his deep-rooted faith in Christ. However, his recent experience
during the Pride Parade in Hot Springs took a harrowing turn, exposing him to aggression,
hostility, and legal challenges.

Jacob’s spiritual awakening took a turn on his 30th birthday, December 11th, 2007, when he felt
the manifestation of God’s wrath upon him while working in Chicago. Seeking guidance, Jacob
turned to his priest but found no relief from his fears and confusion. Instead, he encountered
supernatural occurrences that intensified his sense of guilt and impending doom.
Haunted by his sins and driven by the belief that his demise was inevitable, Jacob dedicated
himself to warning others and became passionate about sharing the life-saving message he had
neglected to believe. He stood on his street corner in Chicago, holding a sign that read, “Read the
Bible, it will Save your Life!”

It was by divine appointment that members of Ravenswood Baptist Church connected with Jacob
on that corner and invited him to church. Jacob found support, warmth, and compassion.
Embracing the Gospel through faith, he accepted Christ as his Savior, underwent baptism, and embarked on a journey of deepening his biblical knowledge. Jacob’s commitment to spreading
the teachings of the Bible led him to relocate to Hot Springs, where he continued to share his
message with unwavering determination.

However, on June 10th, during the Pride Parade in Hot Springs, Jacob and his friend David
Runyan faced a hostile and confrontational atmosphere they did not anticipate. As the parade
progressed, Jacob encountered numerous individuals attempting to impede his preaching and
physically confront him. Despite the hostilities, he remained resolute in his mission to finish his
preaching and protest.

The chaotic scene took a dramatic turn when Jacob was sprayed with silly string, tackled, and
caught up in a scuffle. As tensions escalated, Jacob found himself surrounded by a mob that
continued to push and attempt to seize his sign. An officer intervened, resulting in Jacob’s arrest.
He was later released from jail thanks to the generosity of an anonymous individual who paid his

Jacob’s trial for the charge of “Disorderly Conduct” is scheduled for September 21st at the
District Court in Hot Springs. He is being represented by Bob Ballinger, the Director of Law and
Policy for the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, who is dedicated to defending
Jacob’s rights.

Ballinger, remembered for his advocacy on religious liberty and First Amendment issues during
his time as a legislator, stated that “Jacob Schriever’s life serves as a testament to the
transformative power of faith and the resilience of the human spirit.” He went on to say, “despite
the trials he faces, Jacob remains unwavering in his dedication to sharing God’s Word and
warning others of the eternal consequences of their actions. His story is a powerful reminder of
the strength that can be found in faith and the enduring pursuit of Truth.”

Former Senator Jason Rapert, Founder and President of NACL, stated “Freedom of religion,
freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble are all in the first amendment to the U.S.
Constitution for an important reason – they are critical freedoms in our constitutional republic.
Our founding fathers listed them first in the Bill of Rights because they wanted those rights to be
protected for every person.” He went on to say, “I watched some of the footage from this
incident. Mr. Schriever was exercising his freedom of religion, his freedom of speech and his to
peacefully assemble in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He was preaching the Word of God. He should
never have been arrested and I cannot believe he is being prosecuted for exercising his rights in
the state of Arkansas. He also has every right to defend himself against the LGBTQ activists who
appeared to be assaulting him.”

In light of the legal challenges Jacob faces, his supporters have set up a GiveSendGo campaign
to assist with his legal fees. Contributions can be made at Legal Fees. Every contribution will
make a difference in Jacob’s pursuit of justice and spreading the message of faith.

AP Defines “Woman” as “Non-Man”

Just in time for “pride” month, the Associated Press (AP) joined the ranks of activist organizations telling Americans to embrace transgenderism. Recent updates to AP’s style guide insist that reporters use individuals’ “preferred” pronouns, avoid terms like “biological sex” and “both sexes,” call sex “assigned at birth,” and refer to controversial surgical and chemical “transition” interventions as “gender-affirming care.”

The AP justifies the new rules, claiming to follow the science. However, “the science” is far from settled on the subject. Declaring that puberty blockers are “fully reversible” or that chemical and surgical “transition” interventions are backed by evidence betrays actual truth-seeking. More and more studies indicate that these controversial interventions are detrimental to the physical health and mental wellbeing of children.

Peddling ideas that are basically dangerous pseudoscience in order to get some cultural brownie points is cowardly. The AP should stick to journalism that seeks the truth, rather than promotes harm.

Copyright 2023 by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Reprinted from with permission.