FDA Looks at New Regs for Caffeine Days After OK-ing “Plan B” for Teens

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced it will investigate the safety of caffeine in food products, particularly its effects on children and adolescents.

In an official statement the federal agency said it is “particularly concerned about children and adolescents and the responsibility FDA and the food industry have to protect public health.”

This announcement comes just a little over a week after the agency announced the emergency contraception pill “Plan B,” which arguably is an abortion-inducing drug, will be available over the counter to children as young as fifteen; they will not need to talk to a pharmacist, consult a doctor, or involve their parents in the transaction in any way.


From ADF: Obama Administration Retreats on Abortion Pill Mandate

According to a press release from Alliance Defending Freedom, a federal appellate court has dropped an appeal by the Obama administration at the administration’s own request.

The appeal was in response to a preliminary injunction issued against the administration’s contraception mandate as it applies to Bible-publishing company Tyndale House. Under Obamacare’s rules and regulations, Tyndale must provide its employees with health insurance that covers contraception and abortion-inducing drugs; the company does not qualify for a religious exemption under Obamacare.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing Tyndale House Publishers say the administration is apparently nervous about trying to defend its position that a Bible publisher is not religious enough for a religious exemption to the mandate.

This marks another major victory in the legal battles over rights of conscience.

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