Arkansas House Votes to Override Governor’s Veto

Yesterday we told you about Governor Beebe’s decision to veto HB1037 by Rep. Andy Mayberry. This good pro-life bill prohibits abortion once the unborn baby can feel pain—about 20 weeks—except in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother’s life or physical wellbeing are in jeopardy.

Today the Arkansas House of Representatives voted to override the veto with 53 votes.

Tomorrow the Arkansas Senate will weigh whether or not to override it as well. If they do, HB1037 will become law.

You can call your senator, and ask him or her to vote to override the veto. Just call 501-682-2902 to leave a message for your senator.

Rep. Meeks Files Human Trafficking Act of 2013

Representative David Meeks has filed HB1203, the Human Trafficking Act of 2013.

The bill addresses human trafficking and illegal slavery. The bill improves and expands some of Arkansas’ existing laws, and creates a state task force to prevent human trafficking. It also provides additional protection for the victims of human trafficking, and allows them to seek damages through civil action.

If passed, this bill will do a lot of good protecting Arkansans and combating human trafficking.

You can read the full text of the bill here.