Video: Poster Child (By Stuart Shepard)

Stuart Shepard’s Stoplight video series has become a bit hit around the office. When he releases a video that’s especially profound (and amusing) to us, we’ve taken to posting it on our blog. Mr. Shepard’s most recent video called “Poster Child” is no exception. Watch it above to find out what a California school teacher was ordered to remove from the classroom.

Lessons in Leadership: Noah Webster

Today, Noah Webster (1758 – 1843) may be among the least-known early Americans, but many of those familiar with him believe him to be one of the fathers of education in this country.

If you haven’t already guessed it, Noah Webster is the same man whose name is printed on the cover of the dictionary; he wrote it, and spent many long hours—and a great deal of his money—researching the etymology, uses, and definitions of each word in it. Webster’s work on the dictionary is extensive enough as it is, but he also worked a great deal toward improving childhood education in early America, and for that reason we look to him for this week’s Lessons in Leadership.