All We Need to End Abortion is You (Video)

An effort is underway to end abortion in America. It’s 40 Day for Life, a very effective campaign that has already made advances against abortion in other states. Right now, 40 Days for Life is looking for Arkansans who will pray, fast, and join in vigil’s and community-outreach programs to help save the lives of America’s unborn children.

40 Days for Life is here to end abortion. The only thing it needs is you. Watch the video to learn more.

Arkansas House Begins Streaming Meetings, Recording Video

In the last few years, video has become a major component of the Internet. Nowadays you can upload video to YouTube directly from your cell phone; you can broadcast yourself live using services like Ustream (like we did for Arkansas very first live, online townhall about health care last August); you can even watch the Olympics online. More people expect to be able to watch a video of the news online—not just read about it—and in keeping with that trend, the Arkansas House of Representatives has begun streaming some of its meetings live online.