Smaller Government Means Something Has to Give

Alan Colmes routinely appears on TV and radio, providing a liberal perspective on current events. A couple of years ago I remember he said something that really caught my attention.

It was in response to a survey that showed the majority of Americans favor smaller government. I don’t remember his answer verbatim, but I recall it went to the effect that, “Yes, Americans say they want smaller government when asked, but if you ask for details, like, ‘Do you want public schools?’ ‘Do you want publicly funded roads?’ ‘Do you want government-funding for this program or that program?’ Americans overwhelmingly answer ‘Yes.’ Americans may say they want smaller government, but the truth is they want things that only a bigger government can provide.”

I really think Colmes hit the nail on the head with his statement.  Americans want smaller government, but they also want their government to provide services for them.

Here’s the truth: (more…)

More Than Dinner and a Movie

The following post is the continuation of a weekly blog series called “Cultural Commentaries” by Family Council Communications Director Josh Mesker.

The pervading cultural attitude on dating appears to be that it is an end unto itself. Our culture says that dating casually is the way to have fun—merely something you do—until you’re ready to get serious about being in a relationship. I’d like to discuss this popular message and propose that dating isn’t just another activity. It should be treated as a means to an end, not simply as dinner and a movie.


50 Shades of Grey and Magic Mike: Disturbing Cultural Markers

The following post is the beginning of a weekly blog series called “Cultural Commentaries” by Family Council Communications Director Josh Mesker.

Pornography has been problematic for modern society ever since Playboy magazine began mainstreaming it for men in 1953. Since then, pornography use and addiction has skyrocketed—especially since the advent of the internet, which has made it much easier to access explicit content discretely. It’s no secret that men are the heaviest users at an alarming rate of 72%, but if the novel 50 Shades of Grey and the movie Magic Mike are any indication, women are now a market to be mined.