Please Ask Governor Hutchinson to Sign HB1228

The Arkansas House of Representatives has voted to send H.B. 1228, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, to Governor Hutchinson to be signed into law.

This good bill affirms and upholds religious liberty in Arkansas. It is modeled after legislation in at least 20 other states and the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed by President Clinton in 1993.

All told, Arkansas is one of only 11 states with no law or court ruling on the books spelling out protections for religious liberty.

Please call Governor Asa Hutchinson’s office right away, and ask him to sign H.B. 1228 into law. This is a good bill that prevents the state from infringing religious liberty in Arkansas.

You can leave a message for Governor Hutchinson at (501) 682-2345.

You can send Governor Hutchinson a tweet at @AsaHutchinson.

Please Call Your Representative

Your Arkansas Representative will likely vote on an important piece of legislation next week, and needs to hear from you right away.

House Bill 1228, the Conscience Protection Act by Rep. Bob Ballinger, affirms religious liberty in Arkansas. Arkansas is one of a handful of states with no amendment, law, or court ruling protecting the traditional understanding of the free exercise of religion. Over and over again we have seen Americans marginalized simply for wanting to live out their deeply-held religious convictions. Laws like HB1228 help protect our right to do just that.

Please call and leave a message for your representative at (501) 682-6211 expressing your support for HB1228, the Conscience Protection Act. To learn more about this act and why it is important, click here.