Focus on the Family Offers Parents’ Guide to Pokemon Go

If you are a parent or grandparent looking to understand the Pokemon Go craze, Focus on the Family has a guide that may help.

The team at Focus has reviewed the game along with its potential pros and cons.

Focus on the Family author Adam Holz writes about the game’s fun elements as well as possible pitfalls parents need to understand, saying,

“I was flabbergasted to discover how many people — perhaps 50 or so — were playing at a local park. I interacted with more than a dozen folks over the course of a two-hour walk. So there’s potential for community and relationship with other players who are out and about playing the game. On the other hand, the idea of young fans interacting with random strangers out on the streets should give parents considerable pause, too.”

You can find Holz’s entire article and guide for parents here.

“Irreplaceable” Family Coming to Theaters May 6

Focus on the Family has produced a feature-length documentary called “Irreplaceable.”

The film highlights the importance of the traditional family–a mom and dad committed to one another and their children for a lifetime–and opens in 700 theaters nationwide on May 6.

Backlash against the film ahead of its release has been surprisingly sharp. Opponents are denouncing the documentary as “hateful,” and many are pressuring theaters not to show the film.

Eric Metaxas, one of the speakers featured in “Irreplaceable,” has recorded a few comments about the controversy in his Breakpoint segment at the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Listen below.

[audio:|titles=”Irreplaceable” Coming to Theaters May 6]

We have also included the trailer for the movie below. Watch it for yourself, and let us know what you think.