CO Obamacare Ads: Sleazy, Bizarre, and Just Plain Dumb

As the trouble-plagued Obamacare rollout continues, Colorado’s health exchange is getting some bad press for a bizarre ad campaign it has been running encouraging young people to sign up for health insurance.

The ads run the gambit from sleazy to bizarre to just plain dumb.

Sleazy. Several of the ads promote “free” birth control by featuring young women with sleazy-looking guys or cardboard cutouts of actor Ryan Gosling. With captions like “let’s get physical,” the ads are so ridiculous a number of people initially thought they were parodies sponsored by Tea Party conservatives. They aren’t. They are actual ads someone in Colorado actually thought would get young adults to buy health insurance through the state exchange.


Outlook on Shutdown Depends on How You See Obamacare

The federal government is “shut down” today.

I use the words “shut down” somewhat loosely, because most Americans won’t be able to tell the government is closed unless they try to get into some place like Yosemite National Park or tour a NASA facility. Only the “non-essential” government personnel are absent today, and it seems the federal government considers most of its employees pretty essential.

Heritage Foundation wrote this morning that the media buzz over the government shutdown has approached “Y2K proportions.” How you see the shutdown, however, largely depends on one thing: How you see Obamacare.