LRAFB Drops Christian Elective in Effort to be “Inclusive,” Gay-Friendly

Winter Wingman Day at Little Rock Air Force Day provided classes to develop service members mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. While attendance at the event was mandatory, members could choose which three of the offered classes they would attend. The spiritual component of the event, in the chapel, was scheduled to include sessions from “The Art of Marriage,” a video conference developed by FamilyLife, a Christian family ministry headquartered in Little Rock.

When at least one airman complained to the chain of command and sent a letter to Mikey Weinstein, founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), the class was dropped. The group’s website states that “Mikey and MRFF have been actively and aggressively protecting members of the U.S. Military from unconstitutional religious influence . . . the only organization dedicated solely to the protection of the religious freedoms and dignity of ALL members of the U.S. Military.”

It appears, however, that Weinstein’s main goal is to silence Christians whom he calls intolerant, a threat, and “Dominionists”—“fundamentalist Christians whose beliefs, tenets, and practices threaten the separation between church and state embedded in the U.S. Constitution.”