Chuck Colson on Christianity and Patriotism

Independence Day might be behind us for another year, but a commentary posted by the Chuck Colson Center last week is still worth noting.

The commentary is one Chuck Colson recorded in 1997. It deals with the way Christians balance their faith and their patriotism.

Colson writes,

The Christian position is beautifully balanced. On the one hand, we don’t deify our country. We don’t wrap the flag around the cross. For we know that our ultimate citizenship is in heaven, and that’s where our ultimate allegiance is.

But at the same time, the only place for expressing that allegiance is in concrete loyalties God has called us to here on earth—including loyalty to country. We can’t love mankind in the abstract; we can only really love people in the particular, concrete relationships God has placed us in—in our family, church, community… and our nation. The Christian has the balanced understanding.

[audio:|titles=Chuck Colson – Pro-Patria]