A study showing Planned Parenthood administers abortion-inducing drugs “safely” despite failing to follow FDA protocols has made headlines recently.

But what if I told you the study was actually paid for by Planned Parenthood and conducted by Planned Parenthood employees?

National Review Online writes,

“If the tobacco industry paid for two studies to refute the claim that tobacco hurts your health, and the major premise of both studies was that the manufacturers of tobacco products reviewed their records and did not find any association between tobacco and ill health, would we believe them?”

The study lists its funding sources as Planned Parenthood Federation of America (MG and DN) and Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

What’s more, two of the three lead researchers who published the study work for Planned Parenthood’s office in Los Angeles, California. The third author is a member of Princeton’s Office of Population Research.

This “study” comes as legislators in Arkansas and elsewhere look to regulate unsafe chemical abortion practices. Abortion advocates claim this study proves these regulations are unnecessary, but given the source of the research, I would take its findings with a grain of salt.