From Left: Vickey Boozman, wife of Dr. Fay Boozman; Dr. Ray Hull, award recipient; Jerry Cox, President of Family Council; and The Rev. Tom Hatley who nominated Dr. Hull.

Dr. Ray Hull of Rogers is the 2015 recipient of the Fay Boozman Award, given annually by the Arkansas Physicians Resource Council division of Family Council.  In honor of the late Dr. Fay Boozman, this award is given to a physician who lives out his or her Christian faith in his personal and family life, in professional practice, and in community.

Dr. Fay Boozman (1946-2005) is remembered by those who knew him as a man of bold faith, humble love, and endless optimism. His sudden death, as a result of a farming accident in 2005, stunned us and broke our hearts. He is deeply missed. He was, as one of his many admirers has said, “one of the good guys.”

Dr. Boozman was an ophthalmologist who founded and operated a successful medical clinic in Rogers, Arkansas. He directed the Arkansas Department of Health from 1999-2005 and served in the Arkansas Senate. In 1998 he ran for the United States Senate.  Fay was a friend and supporter of the work of the Arkansas Physicians Resource Council, and his life is honored in a manner fitting the life-legacy he left—a legacy of living out the Christian faith in his life, both personal and professional. Arkansas Physicians Resource Council believes the best way to honor him, and the Lord whom he served, is to encourage others to continue Fay’s legacy, and acknowledge them for doing so.

Any person can nominate a physician in Arkansas for this award.  The recipient is selected by a panel which reviews nominations and interviews the nominator and references as well as the candidate’s spouse.

Dr. Ray Hull grew up in a small eastern Tennessee town and was the first in his family to attend college.  He started out in business but felt called to go into medicine when encouraged by a doctor he worked with who had observed how Dr. Hull cared for people.  He worked long hours to pay his way through medical school while also supporting his family.

Again feeling led by God, Dr. Hull moved from Tennessee to practice medicine in Rogers in 1972.  He has practiced by himself and sees his patients and staff and all those he helps as his family.  It was said of him that he is always devoted to everyone he knows, his wife and children, his larger family of his patients, those in need, and especially to his God.  That he strives to live a godly life and has a driving desire to help people is very evident.

In telling us why Dr. Hull should receive the Fay Boozman Award the nominator said:
“Dr. Hull is a model of Christian integrity and this especially demonstrable in his personal life.  He is loyal and encouraging to his wife and together they have a great ministry of encouragement to everyone they meet. Together they have reared four impressive children who were each allowed to grow into the adults and parents that they were designed to be.

“Only a few doctors have retained the personal touch that Dr. Hull has demonstrated throughout his career.  He knows and loves his patients and is an encouragement to those who are already Believers and is a witness to those who may yet become Believers.

“Dr. Hull has given large amounts of his time and personal resources to helping people in the community.  Medical costs for those of low income are often covered by his own personal funds.  He shares his ministry with his local church and has a great heart for medical missions.  His gifts have helped bless people in need in vital ministries in places like Haiti.”

In keeping with his love for his “family,” Dr. Hull asked that there be no public recognition of his reception of the Fay Boozman Award because he did not want to chance leaving anyone off the invitation list.