Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On Tuesday Planned Parenthood supporters announced a series of rallies and events across the country in support of Planned Parenthood.

Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement, saying, “This sounds like damage-control, to me. Planned Parenthood’s CEO is set to testify before members of Congress today about her organization’s alleged involvement in selling organs harvested from aborted babies. It sounds like Planned Parenthood wants to draw attention away from her testimony and the controversy surrounding the organization.”

A series of undercover videos released this year shows Planned Parenthood officials talking about compensation clinics receive in exchange for fetal organs and tissue they provide to researchers. “These are Planned Parenthood’s own doctors and officials discussing how researchers pay their clinics for hearts, livers, brains, leg muscles, and other body parts taken from aborted babies,” Cox said. “What Planned Parenthood is doing is barbaric. It may even be illegal. No rally or event can change that.”