fiteIn 2013 Rep. Charlene Fite (R-Van Buren) sponsored Act 725 which amends Arkansas’ Child Maltreatment Act.

Under Act 725, when a girl under the age of fourteen gets an abortion, the abortion facility must send tissue samples from the aborted baby to the State Crime Lab and contact the local law enforcement agency in the area where the girl resides.

The law also makes abortion clinic employees mandatory reporters of child abuse.

By notifying the State Crime Laboratory and local law enforcement, the state can ensure a girl obtaining an abortion is not the victim of a crime.

Act 725 of 2013 protects minors from being exploited by adults or coerced into having an abortion.

According to a recent article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Act 725 of 2013 has resulted in one arrest in the past year, which would seem to indicate the law is working as intended.