Thousands of Arkansans have already checked out our non-partisan voter’s guide at However, for those who aren’t familiar with it or would like to know where to start, I’ve compiled three features that I think you’ll find the most useful.

Sample Ballot
Using our sample ballot tool is the best way to find out which candidates will most likely appear on your ballot. All you have to do is fill in your home address (which we keep secure), and a personalized ballot is generated for you. To sign up on our website and get started finding your candidates, click here.

Ballot Issues
We recently added a section on this year’s ballot issues to our online voter’s guide. There are three issues that will appear on voters’ ballots—all of them constitutional amendments. Since amending the Arkansas Constitution should not be taken lightly, it’s important that voters familiarize themselves with the three issues. You can read the full text of each issue and find an easy-to-read summary of each one by clicking here.

Video Interviews
It can be difficult to get face-to-face with each candidate. That’s why—for the first time—we’re featuring video interviews of nearly every candidate running for U.S. House and U.S. Senate in Arkansas. We sat down with the candidates and asked them all 13 questions that appear in our voter’s guide and let them answer. These video interviews turned out very well, and we’re sure you’ll find them entertaining and informative. Get started with the U.S. Senate candidates by clicking here.

We believe this year’s Arkansas Voter’s Guide is the best one yet; it is full of features that haven’t been mentioned here. Take some time on the website and enjoy it! Just go to