Family Council has published the Arkansas Voter’s Guide every election year since 1990. We survey the candidates, and we publish their responses in print and online.

Each year we get a few common questions about the Arkansas Voter’s Guide. Below are answers to some of those frequently asked questions.

1. Is the Arkansas Voter’s Guide something that only conservative voters will find useful?

Answer: No. The Arkansas Voter’s Guide deals with a wide variety of issues impartially. Our goal is (and always has been) to produce a resource that tells voters in plain and simple terms where candidates stand on the issues. It’s up to voters to decide whether they agree or disagree with the candidates’ positions on the issues.

2. Are the issues covered in the Arkansas Voter’s Guide issues Family Council cares about?

Answer: Not necessarily. We survey candidates on hot-button issues that we believe voters care about. Some of the issues covered in the Arkansas Voter’s Guide down through the years are issues Family Council has barely even talked about, much less taken a position on. The Arkansas Voter’s Guide is not meant merely to inform Family Council where candidates stand on issues. It’s meant to inform voters where candidates stand regarding the issues that matter most to them.

3. How do you arrive at your survey questions?

Answer: Developing the survey questions takes a lot of time. We look at the big debates from the most-recently-completed session of the Arkansas Legislature; we follow news stories and headlines to see which issues are trending; and we sometimes ask around, informally, among friends and colleagues to get an idea of which issues they believe people are paying attention to.  From that we determine what voters want to know about and what questions we should ask candidates.

4. Does Family Council use the Arkansas Voter’s Guide to endorse or oppose candidates?

Answer: No. Family Council does not endorse or oppose candidates.

5. The guide says some candidates “refused to complete the survey.” What does that mean?

Answer: Between mail, email, and telephone calls, Family Council staff members contacted each candidates at least 9 times to encourage the candidate to complete the survey. Candidates had the opportunity to complete our survey electronically, by mail, or over the telephone. The candidates who refused to take advantage of those opportunities to complete the survey are duly noted in the guide, and we encourage voters to contact those candidates personally to find out where the candidates stand.

6. Can I share the Arkansas Voter’s Guide with my friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers?

Answer: Absolutely!

7. Can a church or Sunday school class pass out copies of the Arkansas Voter’s Guide?

Answer: Yes. Churches all over Arkansas have been doing so for years. The Arkansas Voter’s Guide is a nonpartisan, educational tool. As such, churches are completely free to distribute copies of the guide.

8. Where can I find the Arkansas Voter’s Guide?

Answer: You can see the guide online at You can also get free printed copies of the guide by going to; by calling our office at (501) 375-7000; or simply by stopping by our office in downtown Little Rock (call ahead for directions and to make sure we still have guides in stock).


  1. Pam Jones

    I need to know what district I am in. I live in Texarkana Arkansas (Miller County).
    I also need to know what district my mother lives in. She is going to be with me during the election and will be using an absentee ballot. She lives in Evening Shade Arkansas (Sharp County)
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Admin


    I would suggest contacting the Miller County Clerk (870-774-1501) and the Sharp County Clerk (870-994-7361). They should be able to help you.

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