A former abortion clinic owner recently explained to Arkansans how abortionists use sex-education and similar programs to create a market for abortion.

According to the Harrison Daily Times, Carol Everett, who ran an abortion facility for many years before becoming pro-life, recently spoke at an event for the Informed Choices pregnancy resource center.

She told the crowd,

“I sold abortions . . . I spoke in the schools to the fifth and sixth graders. My goal was to get them pregnant. We offered low-dose birth control pills for $45 a month which we knew she would get pregnant on. Abortion is a method of birth control for many and there is more than a 50 percent repeat rate.”

She went on to discuss how profitable abortion is, and how abortionists use sex-education programs to encourage students to have sex, become pregnant, and seek abortions.

Recently we learned that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, is looking for someone to help operate sex-education programs in and around central Arkansas.

Planned Parenthood’s announcement implies that the group either is currently operating sex-education programs in Arkansas schools or wants to operate these programs in the future.

Carol Everett’s story further illustrates why Arkansans simply should not let abortionists anywhere near our children.