While the coronavirus outbreak has caused schools and businesses to close, Arkansas’ abortion facilities are still open.

Little Rock Family Planning Services — Arkansas’ only freestanding surgical abortion facility — shows on its website that its facility will continue to be open two to three days a week.

The website for Planned Parenthood’s facility in Little Rock shows that it will continue to be open on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

And this week Planned Parenthood Federation issued a statement on Twitter saying,

“Abortion is an essential and time-sensitive medical procedure — and it must remain so during this public health crisis. Delays or additional barriers to care can make it more difficult or even impossible for patients to access safe, legal abortion.”

While many doctors have closed their clinics or drastically reworked their schedules to help fight the spread of coronavirus, America’s abortionists appear to be doubling down.

Photo Credit: Planned Parenthood Sticker by dogra on Flickr.