Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center in Little Rock now offers abortion pill reversal, according to a recent article from Arkansas Catholic.

Women who take abortion pills as part of the RU-486 chemical abortion regimen may be able to counteract the abortion drugs and save the baby’s life if they receive the hormone progesterone quickly enough.

A 2018 study concluded that chemical abortions could be reversed 64% – 68% of the time using this method — with no apparent risk of birth defects.

This process has been used to save the lives of hundreds of unborn babies whose mothers regretted their abortions after taking the abortion pill.

Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center provides information about abortion pill reversal on its website.

Pregnancy resource centers offer women real options besides abortion.

They help women navigate unplanned pregnancies, and they provide resources from maternity clothes to diapers and adoption referrals to parenting resources — all free of charge.

They are important leaders in the fight to end abortion.

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