Monday we told you the House Public Health Committee needs to hear from you. They have seven pro-life bills pending before their committee, and every one of those bills needs a lot of support and a good vote.

Today we’re announcing an emergency Pro-Life Day at the Capitol Building in Little Rock Tuesday, March 22, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Come to the Capitol to lobby the members of the House Public Health Committee, and ask them to vote for all seven of the pro-life bills pending before their committee. These bills could fail if Arkansans do not make their voices heard. I hope you will be able to join us for Pro-Life Day this Tuesday, as we lobby for the passage of these bills. Please call our office at (501) 375-7000 for more information.

Below is a list of the bills we will be lobbying.

HB 1979 by Rep. Bruce Westerman: Bans all abortions at state-run hospitals like the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. This will prevent the use of our tax-funded facilities in paying for abortions. Read More Here.

SB 113 by Sen. Cecile Bledsoe: Would allow Arkansas to opt out of the abortion funding portions of the recently passed Federal Health Care Bill. This will ensure that our Arkansas tax dollars will not be used to pay for abortions. Read More Here.

HB 1855 by Rep. Butch Wilkins: Requires all abortion clinics to be inspected by the Arkansas Department of Health. This will help ensure the safety of women and require abortion clinics to abide by the laws of our state. Read More Here.

HB 1887 by Rep Andy Mayberry: Prohibits abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy except to save the life of the mother. This bill will reduce the number of late-term abortions in Arkansas. Read More Here.

HB 2159 by Rep. Gary Stublefield: Affirms the right of a pregnant woman to use force to defend her unborn child. This affirms that a pregnant woman has the same legal rights to defend the baby in her womb as she would to defend the baby in her arms. Read More Here.

HB 1983 by Rep. David Meeks: Modernizes Arkansas’ Rights of Conscience Laws for Healthcare Workers. This will ensure that no health care worker is forced to participate in an abortion or other procedure that violates their conscience. Read More Here.

HB 1872 by Rep. Josh Johnston: An incomplete pro-life bill that is currently being worked on. We have not settled  on specific language.


  1. Janet

    Has anyone taken into account that parking will be practically not existant around the capital building?

  2. Admin

    If you need help finding parking around the Capitol Building, feel free to call our office at (501) 375-7000. Otherwise, there is some parking available for visitors in and around the Capitol complex.

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