Call your senator about two good pro-life bills: (501) 682-2902.

There are two good pro-life bills on their way to the Arkansas Senate. SB845 and SB840 both passed the Senate Public Health Committee today.

We’ve been saying for a while now that folks need to contact their representatives and the representatives on the House Health Committee. However, your senator needs to hear from you too.

Your senator is going to vote on these two pro-life bills by the end of this week. Please call your senator at (501) 682-2902 ASAP, and leave a message asking they vote FOR SB845 and SB840. Below is a breakdown of what the bills do.

SB845 – Regulates abortion clinics as ambulatory surgery centers. This would ensure that abortion clinics are properly equipped, staffed, and regulated for doing outpatient procedures. Right now, there’s a good chance that a facility that does a procedure as simple as a knee replacement has to adhere to more medical standards than an abortion clinic does—even though abortion is a much more dangerous procedure. This would fix that discrepancy.

SB840 – Requires clinics that administer RU-486 and other abortion-inducing drugs to adhere to the FDA’s recommended protocols. This will reduce the incidence of dangerous health complications resulting from the use of abortion-inducing drugs.

Please call your senator at (501) 682-2902, and ask him or her to support both of these good pro-life bills.