The Washington County Quorum Court County Services Committee is slated to consider a pro-life resolution on Monday evening at 6:00 PM.

The resolution recognizes “that all men are created equal” and that “Amendment 68 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas makes clear that we are to protect the life of every unborn child.”

The resolution also affirms that Washington County is a Pro-Life County committed to protecting all lives — including the lives of unborn children.

The resolution comes as Planned Parenthood looks to hire new staff in the Northwest Arkansas area.

You can read a copy of the proposed resolution here.

Earlier this year the state legislature passed a law affirming that municipalities in Arkansas can declare themselves Pro-Life.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that municipalities can adopt pro-life policy positions like this resolution.

The City of Springdale adopted a similar pro-life resolution a couple of years ago.

In light of all of this, Washington County is well within its rights to consider this pro-life resolution.

Affirming that cities and counties in Arkansas are Pro-Life is one more way we can continue to foster a culture that values the sanctity of human life.