On Monday one of the nation’s leading pro-life organizations, Americans United for Life, released its 2021 report on state legislative sessions.

The report highlighted pro-life victories and setbacks at state legislatures across the country.

The report indicated that Arkansas passed 15 measures this year protecting unborn children — more than any other state.

The measures listed in AUL’s report were:

HB 1116 “Simon’s Law” outlining parental consent with regards to end-of-life decisions for minors

HB 1195 “Every Mom Matters Act” which creates a phone program for support services

HB 1402 amending the “abortion-inducing drugs safety act” to require a physician examine the woman to confirm pregnancy, provide RhoGAM if necessary, and schedule a follow up with the woman to ensure the pregnancy is terminated

HB 1544 affirming the right of cities to declare themselves “pro-life cities”

HB 1572 “Informed Consent for Chemical Abortion Act” requiring informed consent 72 hours before the abortion, including risks and complications, information on post-abortion care and Rhincompatibility, and literature on human trafficking. The bill also updates reporting requirements to include information on chemical abortion

HB 1589 prohibiting the use of taxpayer resource transactions for abortions

HB 1592 prohibiting public schools from contracting with any entity that provides abortions

SB 6 “Unborn Child Protection Act” abolishing abortion in the state

SB 85 “Right to Know and See Act” amending the right to view ultrasound

SB 152 amending the authority of PA’s, but prohibiting the delegated authority to perform an abortion

SB 289 “Medical Ethics and Diversity Act” expanding healthcare rights of conscience

SB 388 requiring that all clinics, health centers, and facilities that do ANY abortions be licensed by the state, and prohibiting abortions in a hospital except to save the life of the mother in a medical emergency

SB 463 collecting data on abortions done for rape/incest and sending all abortion data collected under state law to the CDC and making it publicly available

SB 474 creating the criminal offense of fertility fraud

SB 527 requiring abortion facilities to post information about sex trafficking; mandating that abortion facilities enter into a written agreement with a licensed acute care hospital and ambulance service to provide complication management/emergency transfer

The Arkansas Legislature passed a record number of pro-life laws this year — and many other excellent measures as well.

Arkansans should be proud of their elected officials. The General Assembly passed and Governor Hutchinson signed some of the best laws in the country this year. Arkansas has become a true leader in America when it comes to passing good, conservative legislation. These new laws are proof of that.