A newborn baby was saved in Arkansas last week thanks to a Safe Haven Baby Box recently installed at a fire station in Maumelle.

In a press release from Arkansas Right to Life, Monica Kelsey, the founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, confirmed, “A healthy newborn baby was safely, legally and anonymously surrendered in a Safe Haven Baby Box at Fire Department Station 1 in Maumelle, Arkansas last week.”

The Safe Haven Baby Box in Maumelle was installed on October 10, 2021 — less than a month ago.

Arkansas’ Safe Haven Act of 2001 lets a woman surrender her newborn baby to law enforcement, medical personnel, and first responders. The law gives women with unplanned pregnancies an option besides abortion, and it protects newborns from being abandoned.

Similar laws are on the books in all 50 states.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes like the one in Maumelle can be installed at fire stations. They allow a woman to surrender her infant legally, safely, and anonymously using a specialized, hospital-grade bassinet that keeps the baby secure while a silent alarm notifies first responders inside the fire station that the baby is there.

This is an amazing, pro-life story.

Arkansas Right to Life currently is leading a billboard campaign to raise awareness about the state’s Safe Haven law. We look forward to that law saving the lives of other children in the future.