House leaders, the White House, and Blue Dog Democrats reached a deal on the health care bill yesterday.  Over the next day or two, the House Energy and Commerce Committee will markup the bill and most likely pass it out by end of day tomorrow. The good news: Even when it reaches the House floor, there will be no vote until the fall. That bides all of us time to build an even stronger opposition, because the bill is still not any good–despite input from the so-called “fiscally conservative” Blue Dogs.

HR 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, will institute bureaucratic control over your health care choices, levy higher taxes and plunge our nation into even more debt. Let’s also not forget about the pro-abortion agenda for your tax dollars in this bill.

I found a great YouTube video on the issue that I believe explains the stakes quite clearly:

Phone calls to Arkansas’ elected leaders in Washington are still in order.